If you don't choose CLASS first. You will get a Nan error for XP Spent. Choose class, then add skills. Pay attention to prerequisites listed.
 |   |                           --- STEP 1 Choose class
--- STEP 2 (not required)
Class: XP Spent: Level: XP Blanket value at this level: --- STEP 3 Fill in form below
CraftsmenCreate ScrollTrap SmithWeapon Smith
AstrologyDeaconEvaluate ItemRead & Write
Read MagicFirst Sphere of MagicSecond Sphere of MagicAdditional Spheres
AnatomyFirst AidHerbalismNecromantic Arts
Elemental AttunementFirst Circle SlotSecond Circle SlotThird Circle Slot
Fourth Circle SlotFifth Circle SlotSixth Circle SlotSeventh Circle Slot
Eighth Circle SlotNinth Circle SlotFormal Slot
Simple Weapon Group ProfMed. Weapon Group ProfLrg Weapon Group Prof
Exotic Weapon Specific ProfSpecialize +1 Weapon SpecificSpecialize +1 Weapon Group
Critical Slay/ParrySubsequent Critical Slay/ParryMaster Slay/Parry
Subsequent Master Slay/ParryShieldAmbidexteritySelf Mutilate
GarrotePick LockWaylayBackstab +2 Weapon Specific
Backstab +2 Weapon GroupAssassinateSubsequent AssassinateMaster Assassinate
Subsequent Master AssassinateDodgeAdditional Dodge
Racial Ability
Skill    Purchased    Total xp value:
Warnings and Errors: